Silver medal Stories of Our History - Radio Free Europe proof

Silver medal Stories of Our History - Radio Free Europe proof

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Stories of Our History

The Czech Mint's seventh silver medal from the series “Stories of Our History” tells of the desire for truth and freedom of speech. It commemorates the story of Radio Free Europe.

The first director of the Czech broadcasting was Ferdinand Peroutka
, who served as a link to the democratic past of Czechoslovakia for the United States of America, which established the radio station. The famous Czech exile journalist in Munich spoke to his fellow countrymen via radio waves, objectively commenting on the situation in the world and difficult fate of a nation forced to live behind the Iron Curtain. The Communist regime was afraid of Free Europe, and as radio waves were not affected by border guards and barbed wire, he put the noise of jammers and marching music into the air. Despite this, democratic ideas came to folk and the station's influence was increasing. When the Iron Curtain fell in the late 1980s, the disturbance ceased and the Free Prague became the seat of Free Europe in 1995.

MgA. Martin Dašek
placed a map of Central Europe on the obverse side of the medal. The waves of Free Europe spread from the German Munich. The reverse side is dominated by a portrait of Ferdinand Peroutka, who lights a pipe. The journalist is surrounded by an inscription VOICES OF FREE CZECHOSLOVAKIA - FERDINAND PEROUTKA - FIRST DIRECTOR RFE.

Each medal has a special
certificate of origin which tells its story.


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Czech mint
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MgA. Martin Dašek
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MgA. Martin Dašek
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