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Silver one-kilo investment medal Statutory town of Havířov stand

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A place presented in series of investment medalscalledStatutory cities by the Czech Mint in June 2015, is Havířov. The reason is a beautiful anniversary - the village was founded in 1955 and it celebrates its round 60 years of its existence. Havířov is the youngest statutory city in the Czech Republic. It lies in the Cieszyn Silesia, in the region approximately 11 km far from Ostrava and it is crossed by the river Lučina. There are around 80,000 inhabitants. A fascinating one kilogram medal reminds us of another part of the modern national history and offers an attractive and safe investment in the artistically handcrafted silver.

Unprecedented industry boom after the World War II resulted in the need for residential remodeling of Ostrava. Initial intention was the idea of a big city, New Ostrava, more logical step, however, seemed to be the construction of more smaller localities. One of them, on the border of Šenov, Šumbark and Lower Bludovice provided strategic location for a city. That became to be Havířov, whose construction began in 1947.

During those 60 years Havířov made a big step forward and also developed the industry and can boast numerous sights. The core of the city is famous for its style called Sorela. The most famous building in Havířov is The Station, a magnificent example of Brussels 'style of the' 60s. Another architectural gem is The Culture Centre Radost, formerly the cinema Radost. A typical example of socialist realism was in 2003 declared a cultural monument.

Now The Culture Centre Radost is one of the elements that we find on the silver bullion medal. Together with the plastic relief of aerial view of the city and the inscription HAVÍŘOV, the obverse side of the medal presents a beautiful composition on which creation contributed outstanding artists Jakub Matouš, Aleš Hynek Vrkoslav and Jan Petr, DiS. The reverse side of the medal is common to all the medals of the Statutory cities series by The Czech Mint and its author is MgA. Miroslav Schovanec, DiS. He showed his medallist skills creating a relief composition, which represents blank map of the Czech Republic with marked positions of particular statutory cities placed on the background formed by their names. Beautiful work invites you to attractive investment - to save your financial reserves in a way which you can enjoy every day!
1000 g
999 / 1000
90 mm
Plain numbered edge
Author of the obverse
Jakub Matouš/Aleš Hynek Vrkoslav/Jan Petr, DiS.
Author of the reverse
MgA. Miroslav Schovanec, DiS.
24 pcs
Date of issue
June 2015
Light wood inlaid case
Numbered issue
Czech mint