Silver one-kilo medal Statutory town of Pardubice stand

Silver one-kilo medal Statutory town of Pardubice stand

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June 2019
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Statutory towns

The list of statutory cities of the Czech Republic is gradually growing. It currently counts 27 cities. The Czech Mint's silver medals cycle with motifs of our most important settlements is growing. Pardubice appeared in one kilogram of pure silver in 2019.

The history of the city is associated with two famous noble families. The first was the noblemen from Pardubice headed by Arnošt, the first Czech archbishop whose testament from 1340 is the first evidence of Pardubice as a serf town. The coat of arms of the Lords of Pardubice - a silver half of a horse with a golden bridle on a red shield - is still used by the city today. Pardubice was bought by Wilhelm II. from Pernštejn in 1491. The most powerful nobleman of the Czech kingdom started a generous reconstruction, which was speeded up by the great fire in 1507. This transformation was also connected with the construction of a high-quality fortification in the form of a rampart with a moat, only one part of which has been preserved to this day. It is the so-called Green Gate, which was named after the copper roof. The precious building, which has been renovated several times, consists of a gate and a 59-meter-high tower offering views of the historic city centre.

Medal maker Irena Hradecká, DiS., chose the Green Gate as the central motif of the obverse side of the medal. Another artist of the Czech Mint, Ladislav Vraný, then prepared an aerial view of the city centre. The reverse side of the medal bears the map of the Czech Republic with its statutory cities.

Not only is the weight of a kilogram medal worthwhile, but also its schedule of issuance - just 24 numbered pieces placed in a luxurious wooden etui.


Collectors set
Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Irena Hradecká, DiS.
Author of the reverse
MgA. Miroslav Schovanec, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
1000 g
90 mm
Light wooden case
Czech Mint