Silver-plated medal Old-Town Astronomical Clock - Taurus proof

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Code 31151-811

People have always sought to infer the context from a variety of a natural relations. The movement of the planets has never escaped the interest of mankind. The Sun and the Moon and their possible impact on a terrestrial events, brought about the creation of astrology. To the astrological signs is dedicated a series of a silver medals in the series of The Old-Town Astronomical Clock, to which is also included the zodiac sign - a Taurus.

The astrology divides the year into twelve sections. To each of them dominates a diferent planet or a star, indicating a character and a human fate. April 21-  the Venus and a sign of the Taurus take a scepter. People born in this sign are known for a sensitivity for a practical and material matters. They like to surround themselves with a luxury and pamper themselves with a pretty things. Therefore they certainly will appreciate an original present - a commemorative medal, inspired by the work of Josef Mánes, who imprinted the inceptive version to the astrological signs on the calendar board, which is adorning the famous Old-Town Astronomical Clock.

The author of the silver plated medal is traditionally a wonderful medaillist and an academic sculpturesess Daniel Kartáková.

She has placed two circular patterns on the obverse of the medal. The larger of these presents a rural scene, so distinctive for Mánes - a peasant fastening a tree to a support pole, that symbolizes the month of April. The smaller circular box bears the symbol of a Taurus. To the obverse side then dominates a portrait of the painter standing in front of his famous calendarium. If you have a Taurus in your family, delight him with an original gift. The taureans after all, love everything beautiful and valuable!

Material: copper
Weight: 23 g
Fineness: 0 / 1000
Diameter: 37 mm
Quality: PROOF
Edge: Plain edge
Author of the obverse: ak. soch. Daniela Kartáková
Author of the reverse: ak. soch. Daniela Kartáková
Code: 31151-811
Mintage: 5000 ks
Date of issue: Duben 2016
Packaging: Černá papírová etue
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Plated Ag: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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