Silver-plated medal Old-Town Astronomical Clock - Lion proof

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Josef Mánes, Czech 19th century painter, is renowned for his charming paintings of idyllic scenes from the life of common people. He is also the author of paintings for the face of the Prague Astronomical Clock. Czech Mint presents in twelve issues the twelve months accompanied by original rendering of the signs of zodiac.

The second issue of this picturesque series – the Lion – appears in 2014. The sign which takes over the reign on 23 July is depicted by Mánes in the company of a small boy. The month of July which belongs to the sign, is another romantic idyllic scene, the author’s favourite motif of the linkage of the common people and nature.

The design of the silver-plated medal Astronomical Clock – Lion comes from the workshop of academic sculptor Daniela Kartáková. the artist transferred to the obverse side both Mánes’ paintings – i.e. the zodiacal sign and the allegory of July embodied by women reaping corn and a small boy with a pitcher. On the reverse she paid homage to Josef Mánes and depicted him on the background of the calendarium with a painter’s palette in his hand. The composition is complemented with inscriptions Josef Mánes and Pražský orloj (Prague Astronomical Clock).

Czech Mint’s Astronomical Clock series will be issued over four years, three issues per year. In a short time you can thus enrich your collection with a commemoration of Czech technical craft and art which are perfectly united in the astronomical clock. Thanks to the favourable price of silver-plated medals, the series is suitable not only for enthusiastic numismatics but also for beginners who are still finding their way to this wonderful hobby. The exceptionally beautiful design of the medals is very appealing!

Material: copper
Weight: 23.94 g
Fineness: 0 / 1000
Diameter: 37 mm
Quality: PROOF
Edge: Plain edge
Author of the obverse: ak.soch. Daniela Kartáková
Author of the reverse: ak.soch. Daniela Kartáková
Code: 30890-811
Mintage: 5000 ks
Date of issue: Červenec 2014
Packaging: Černá papírová etue
Numbered issue: No
Certificate: Yes
Plated Ag: Yes
Capsule: Yes
Issuer Czech mint
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