Silver Slovak medal 100 years from T.G.Masaryk in Kremnica

Silver Slovak medal 100 years from T.G.Masaryk in Kremnica

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The silver commemorative medal with patina commemorates the 100th anniversary of the visit of President T. G. Masaryk to the State Mint in Kremnica.

The Kremnica Mint, which was founded in 1328is one of the oldest continuously producing companies in the world. Throughout history, there have been many mint towns in Hungary - Bratislava in Slovakia, Nagy Banya in Hungary, Alba Iulia in Romania - but Kremnica has surpassed them all, both in quality and quantity of production, including ducats and thalers. Therefore,  Hungary closed down all unpromising mints at the end of the 19th century, leaving only Kremnica to produce the Austro-Hungarian crown currency. The Czechoslovak crowns were also minted here after the collapse of the empire. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk visited the town in 1923. The liberating president was greeted by crowds of enthusiastic residents and ceremonial cannon shots. Dignitaries presented him with the key to the town and introduced him to the work at the mint. It was the first visit of a representative of the First Republic to Kremnica and the first visit of a top state official in more than 70 years...

You can find President Masaryk as portrayed by the medal maker Branislav Ronai on both sides of the medal - in front of the mint building and between the machines, where he talks with the company's director Demeter Petrovits. The rich collage is supplemented with the state symbols of Czechoslovakia, First Republic coins and inscriptions of the NÁVŠTEVA T. G. MASARYKA V MINCOVNI KREMNICA – 100 ROKOV – MINCOVŇA REPUBLIKY ČESKOSLOVENSKEJ (VISIT OF T. G. MASARYK AT THE KREMNICA MINT - 100 YEARS - THE MINT OF THE CZECHOSLOVAKIA).

The total amount of the silver medal, which was minted by the Slovak Kremnica Mint, is only 200 pieces.


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