Silver thaler to the birth of a child 2021 proof

Silver thaler to the birth of a child 2021 proof

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A newborn baby always attracts attention, and his or her loved ones compete who give him or her a better gift. The Czech Mint has prepared silver commemorative medals – thalers to the birth of a child for everyone who is looking for original, yet traditional present.

Our ancestors already donated money for happiness to newborns. The talisman in the form of a coin made of precious metal was given to the baby usually by a godfather or godmother
in the families of rich nobles and poor peasants. The coins were given into the cradle, thus creating the phrases "blessing" and "into the blanket" that are still used in connection with a gift for a baby today. The fashion of "blessing coins" in the Czech lands began in the Renaissance era and ended in the 19th century - when the church began to issue its own baptismal medals. In the 20th century - after the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic - the state began to issue the so-called St. Wenceslas ducats, which became popular for this purpose, and the Czech Mint continues with them in the 21st century.

The design of the thaler for 2021 was processed by the medal maker
Petr Patka, DiS. The obverse side is dedicated to a pair of cute babies, which is supplemented with a small heart and inscription THALER TO THE BIRTH OF A CHILD 2021. You can also find a boy and a girl on the reverse side, where they are surrounded by zodiac signs and various children's motifs.

The attractive
gift packaging in the form of a pop-up book with a cover contains, apart from the thaler, also a space for inscription of birth data and personal dedication and for inserting a photo of the baby.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Petr Patka, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Petr Patka, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
29 g
40 mm
Bílý papírový box
Czech Mint