Sliver Slovak set of medal - Viktor Kubal proof

Sliver Slovak set of medal - Viktor Kubal proof

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April 2023
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A set of two silver commemorative medals was created to the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Slovak film-maker Viktor Kubal.

When Viktor Kubal drew ink on film stock when he was twelve, he probably had no idea that he would become the founder of Slovak animated film. He collaborated on the creation of the first Slovak animated film entitled The Well of Love in 1943 and he produced over 400 films during his career- first several-minute monothematic films, then animated series, and eventually working his way up to feature films such as Brigand Jurko. For example, his fairy-tale evening film Puf and Muf shone on television screens. He was not only the author of the artwork, but also a screenwriter, director, cameraman and editor. His films, which are characterised by their drawing, humour and thoughtful dramatisation, have won numerous domestic and international awards.

Besides the portraits of Viktor Kubal, you will also find his most famous characters - Dita, Puf and Muf or Brigand Jurko - in the relief of commemorative medals.

The pair of medals, which are based on unrealised designs of Slovak commemorative coins, were minted by the Mint Mincovňa Kremnica. The numbered set is stored in a luxurious wooden case.


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