Slov. coin 5 EUR 2021 Tatra mountain chamois stand

Slov. coin 5 EUR 2021 Tatra mountain chamois stand

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The third issue of the series of commemorative euro coins dedicated to Slovak fauna and flora commemorates the Tatra Chamois.

The Tatra chamois
is a symbol of the Slovak mountains. In the whole wide world, it lives only in the High and Low Tatras. The numbers of this endangered species have been declining since the 18th century - first as a result of hunting and cattle grazing, and later due to climate change and tourism. The good news is that, thanks to conservation efforts, the number of chamois is increasing steadily... These wild mountain goats are resilient but also very shy. When they feel threatened, they retreat to rocky terrain, which provides vital refuge from predators and humans. Herds are found at altitudes ranging from 1,200 to 2,650 metres, which corresponds to the height of Lomnický štít. The chamois' body structure, with its elongated hind legs and special hooves, is well adapted to moving in difficult terrain, but their favourite habitat is mainly grassy slopes. They feed on plants during the summer and nibble lichens and moss from rocks in winter.

Slovak medal maker
Karol Ličko has placed a chamois on the obverse side of the coin, standing on a rock under which the protected Alpine moulder grows. The reverse side then presents a detail of a chamois head with rocks in the background. The relief of the coin also features the Slovak national emblem, the inscription SLOVAKIA, the year of issue 2022, the nominal value of 5 EURO and the Slovak-Latin name of the subspecies KAMZIK VRCHOVSKÝ TATRANSKÝ - RUPICAPRA RUPICAPRA TATRICA.

The base metal commemorative coin was minted by the Kremnica Mint
Mincovňa Kremnica and issued by the National Bank of Slovakia.


Numbered issue
750 / 1000
19.1 g
25,75 mm
Czech Mint