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Star Wars Classic: Boba Fett™ 1/4oz Gold Coin

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Among the most interesting figures from the Star Wars universe are undoubtedly the hunters of rewards. In film adventures, they have not had much space, but they are more involved with accompanying books or serials. The gold coin dedicated to Bobba Fett is also popular among them.

From the Coruscanto to the Tatooine bars, the sought-after refugees shiver when they hear Bobba Fett's name. What is actually hiding behind the anonymous look of the menacing Mandalorian armor? The common face of a clone soldier - the same as millions of other people throughout the galaxy. However, here his similarity ends with them. While clone soldiers have gone through rapid growth and training, Bobb was brought up by Jango Fett, the notorious wretch hunter whose genes served during building a clone army, as his own son. When Jango was killed by the Jedi knights at the beginning of the clone wars, the orphan Bobb took over his trade and became a real master. His services began to be used not only by gangsters from the Outer Rings, but also often by the Empire. With growing reputation Bobb became a favorite of Darth Vader himself. When the reward hunter was charged with capturing Luke Skywalker and Han Sol, he succeeded, but he did not like his triumph for a long time. The day when his prey was to be executed became his last. Unfortunately, he ended up as a terrible sarlacc´s food. Anyone who knows Bobba Fett will tell you that even this problém can not stop him.

The reverse side of the coin captures Bobb's last struggle on board of a desert vessel from which the convicts were to be thrown into the Saracle's pit. The bounty hunter pulls a blaster, but Luke Skywalker crosses him with a light sword. The coin publisher is the island of Niue, whose details appear on the obverse side of the coin. There are the portrait and the name of Queen Elizabeth II, the year of the issue of the coin 2017 and the nominal value of 25 DOLLARS (NZD). The art form of the officially licensed coin is the work of the design team of the New Zealand Mint.

Each coin has a refined wooden box to expose it.

7.78 g
999 / 1000
22 mm
Reeded edge
1000 pcs
Date of issue
March 2018
Dřevěná etue
Numbered issue