Star Wars Classic: Luke Skywalker™ 1 oz Silver Coin

Star Wars Classic: Luke Skywalker™ 1 oz Silver Coin

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A silver collectible coins of the series inspired by the the legendary film saga Star Wars finally represent the main character of the galactic adventure. It is none other than Luke Skywalker.

Despite its name, the original Star Wars did not have big movie stars - even the main role of Luke Skywalker was casted by less experienced Mark Hamill. What initially appeared to be a risk, however, proved to be a huge success. The young man became celebrity of the first category overnight. Everyone wanted to interview him in their talk show and his face filled the front pages of magazines. His face was on posters, toys and countless other promotional materials. But his glory did not last long. Funny saying, claiming that the only actor whose career was not destroyed by Star Wars was Harrison Ford, is unfortunately the sad truth. The audience inseparably united the actor with his brave Jedi knight and the directors simply did not want Luke Skywalker in their movies. Mark Hamill, however, was not discouraged - he appeared in a number of smaller films, but also became a master of dubbing. After long years in 2015 he got a chance to reiterate his most famous role.

The reverse side of the coin depicts Luke Skywalker at the beginning of his adventures - still as the Farmer's boy at the moment, which shook his whole world. He holds a lightsaber and behind him the speeder X-34 and the tower is visible. The obverse of the coin bears the effigy of Queen Elisabeth II., the year of issue 2017 and the nominal value of TWO DOLLARS (NZD), thus the attributes of the issuer of the coin, which is the island of Niue. This coin is a collective work of the creative team of the New Zealand Mint.

Part of each issue is a refined wooden box, that includes a hinged mechanism allowing exposure of the coin.


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