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The 2017 United Kingdom Commemorative Proof Coin Set

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Great Britain has a rich history dating thousand years back into the past. The set of commemorative coins in an extraordinary quality „proof“ was minted by the Royal Mint in order to mark the anniversaries of the United Kingdom in 2017.

The set contains five coins with the nominal values ​​of 5 pounds, 2 pounds and 50 pence. The first coin (£ 5) marks the 1000th anniversary of the crowning of the Viking conqueror Canute the Great, the first king of England. The second one (£ 5) celebrates 100 years of the faithful Windsor dynasty service to its country. The third coin (£ 2) marks the 200th anniversary of the death of the famous family novels writer Jane Austen. The fourth one (£ 2) pays tribute to the aviators of World War II serving in the Royal Flying Corps. The fifth and last coin (p 50) belongs to the legacy of Sir Isaac Newton, who died in 1727. He was not only a scientific genius but also the minister of the Royal Mint. Besides the currency, an integral part of the set is a commemorative medal in the shape of ingot, which is a celebration of the British minting.

The reverse sides of the coins bear motives corresponding to the individual themes - a stylized portrait of King Canute, the Windsor dynasty emblem, the wall portrait of Jane Austen, the British aviators during a mission over the enemy territory and the Newton's study about the motion of celestial bodies. The obverse sides of the coins are then dominated by the portrait of Elizabeth II. surrounded by the year of the issue 2017 and an abbreviated Latin inscription which can be translated as "Elizabeth II., Queen by the grace of God, Protector of the Faith".

The whole collection of these commemorative mintages can be stored in an elegant box, that contains a number of thematic accompanying materials.

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