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The 2017 United Kingdom Definitive Coin Set

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The year 2016 became a milestone in the history of the British minting. It was the last time, when the Royal Mint issued the traditional "round pound".

One-pound coins were introduced for the first time in 1983. They captured attention already at first sight due to their typical patriotic motives. In 2017 - after 33 years of faithful service and 25 design changes, they had to make place for the new 12-sided pound, which is considered the safest coin in the world. It was created in response to the frequently occurrence of imitations of older British mintages.

The obverse side of the coin portrays the heraldic animals performed by Anglican Bishop Gregory Cameron. Each of his mythical animals represents one of the nations of the insular kingdom – while the relief shows clockwise the English lion, the Scottish unicorn, the Northern Irish deer and the Welsh dragon. "Thanks to the animals, who protect the sovereignty of Britain, I would like to express its unity," says the author who placed the royal crown and the nominal value of ONE POUND on the reverse side of the coin. The obverse side of the coin then bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. surrounded with an inscription "ELIZABETH II DEI GRA REG FID DEF" (Elizabeth II., by the grace of God Queen, protector of the faith) and the year of the issue 2016.

However, this memorial pound has never been released into circulation. Moreover, it was coined in polished quality called "brilliant", which elevates it above any traditional currency. The whole issue is stored in the thematic packaging, that pays tribute to the last round pound as well as its predecessors.

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