The Gold - The story of an extraordinary metal - 2nd updated edition

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A luxurious publication for real fans of gold!

Do you know how much gold has globally been extracted so far? What was the weight of the biggest gold nugget ever? Where did the first gold rush take place? How much gold is there in seas and oceans and in the entire universe? Which gold coin is a real collector treasure? How do the contemporary gold mines operate? These and many other questions are answered in a spectacular encyclopedia written by Bohumil J. Studýnka and Jan Struž.

On 344 pages the book presents gold as a natural product of exceptional qualities which has influenced the destiny of many individuals as well as nations since biblical times and which impersonates lasting quality and value. Touching stories of gold seekers alternate with the description of modern mining methods, traditional usage of gold by goldsmiths and jewellers is followed by examples of its use in industry and astronautics.

The second, updated and extended edition of thepublication brings up-to-date information about the development of gold prices, mining volumes and gold reserves. In an attractive way it presents the new application of gold in medicine and plastic surgery, tells about the considered undersea mining and gold mining in our country. It also brings photos of the most beautiful Czech coins and mentions the newly found treasures in Jerusalem and in the Litoměřice region.

The text is accompanied with hundreds of beautiful photographs and the book contains a chapter dedicated to Czech Mint!

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December 2014
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