The Queen's Beasts The Yale of Beaufort 2019 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

The Queen's Beasts The Yale of Beaufort 2019 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

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When Great Britain is said, everyone will think of a monarchy with traditions dating back hundreds of years. The fascinating heraldry full of symbols and creatures - both real and mythical – builds an integral part of these traditions. The Royal Mint issued the series of commemorative coins dedicated to the mythical animals, in which Beaufort Yale is presented.

We can imagine a unicorn, a dragon or a griffin, however, few people suspect what a yale looks like. Neither the medieval illustrators, who adapted its appearance according to dignity and elegance or strength and determination, were not sure. However, all the images have common features as a goat or antelope with prominent horns that can rotate in any direction independently of each other, and the jaw of a wild boar. Yale became one of the symbols of Great Britain thanks to Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, grandmother of Henry VIII., influential personality of the Tudor dynasty and a key person in the War of the Roses.

“The horns that can be found across all possible depictions represent the most important feature of this mythical creature. They have become the main feature of my design, ” designer Jody Clark says. The reverse side bears the yale complemented with a shield that bears Lady Margaret's heraldry. The obverse side of the coin belongs to the attributes of the issuer. These are the nominal value of 5 POUNDS (GBP), the profile of Queen Elizabeth II., together with the text "ELIZABETH II D G REG FID DEF" (Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith).

The coin is set in a special packaging in english that tells her story in words and images.


Nominal value
5 liber
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0 / 1000
28.28 g
38,61 mm
Czech Mint