The Queen's Reign Charity and Patronage 2022 UK proof

The Queen's Reign Charity and Patronage 2022 UK proof

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June 2022
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Product description

Already 70 years have passed since the Queen Elizabeth II ascended the British throne on 6 February 1952. Therefore, the island kingdom can celebrate the platinum jubilee of its monarch. To mark the occasion, the Royal Mint has launched a series of themed issues including this silver coin featuring the Queen's charity.

The Royal Family members are linked with hundreds of charities - local, national and global - to which they lend a stamp of authenticity. The charity of Britain's monarchs runs deep. Evidence comes from a 13th-century tradition of the monarch donating money to seniors on Maundy Thursday. Queen Elizabeth II visits a different cathedral every year at Easter, when she presents an equal number of men and women with two leather purses. The red purse contains common currency, which is a symbolic alms. The white purse contains special silver coins - so-called "maundy money" – which is legal tender, however, only few people would give them up. After all, it's a personal gift from the Queen, who chose the recipient…

Irish artist P. J. Lynch used these Easter coins as a metaphor to express the devotion of Elizabeth II. to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. The reverse side is supplemented with the Queen's signature which appears on the coins for the first time. The obverse side is then dedicated to the necessary elements of the issuer - i.e. the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the text ELIZABETH II D G REG F D (Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith), the year 2022 and the nominal value of 5 POUNDS (GBP).

The silver coin is stored in an elegant box.


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925 / 1000
28.28 g
38,61 mm
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