The Royal Tudor Beasts - The Tudor Dragon UK 2024

The Royal Tudor Beasts - The Tudor Dragon UK 2024

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February 2024
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The British Royal Mint is successively commemorating the ten heraldic animals of the royal house of Tudor. The sixth commemorative coin in the collector's series is dedicated to the Tudor dragon.

Legends attribute a variety of forms to dragons. While some have one head, others have several. In the early Middle Ages, they were depicted with snake bodies, dog heads, lion legs and bird wings. It wasn't until the 14th century that the characteristic lizard-like features of dragons began to predominate and their blanched wings began to resemble those of bats. In any case, they are majestic creatures that fly, breathe fire and wield immeasurable power. Therefore, the dragon became the symbol of the powerful Tudor dynasty that ruled Great Britain between 1485 and 1603. However, there was another reason for the use of the mythical creature in Tudor heraldry. The dragon is the symbol of Wales, and so referred to the very beginning of the island's royal majesty...

The reverse side of the coin, which is the work of artist David Lawrence, presents a mythical dragon holding a Beaufort shield in its claws. The obverse side of the coin is dedicated to the attributes of the issuer - i.e. the portrait of King Charles III, the text CHARLES III D G REX F D (Charles III, by the grace of God, King, Defender of the Faith) and the nominal value of 5 POUNDS (GBP).

The base metal commemorative coin is placed in a special packaging that tells its story in words and pictures (in English).


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