Witchcraft - Seeress 2 oz silver coin

Witchcraft - Seeress 2 oz silver coin

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January 2023
999 pcs
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Product description

Although Germanic mythology is not as well known as, for example, ancient mythology, it is no less rich and enchanting. The first silver medal in the series entitled Witchcraft features a Germanic oracle lady.

The world of the ancient Germans was populated by a plethora of gods in addition to humans and animals. The lives of ordinary mortals depended on the whims of these supernatural beings, therefore, they attempted to communicate with them. When will winter end? What will the harvest be like? Who will win the war? Priestesses, hags and oracle ladies offered answers to the will of the gods, using runes or natural phenomena to predict the future. These women were highly respected in Germanic society, serving as advisors to rulers and often gaining political power.

The octagonal commemorative medal of the Germania Mint stands out with its high relief highlighted by a patina. The artist Mateusz Frąckowiak depicted a Germanic oracle lady in the form of a seductive woman on the obverse side. Her provocative robe is adorned with pagan talismans, including a skull and claws. Her symbol of authority is a staff with deer antlers and her supernatural power is symbolized by a crystal stone. If you look carefully, in the dense forest, whose beauty is emphasised by the colouring, you will also find a squirrel named Ratatosk, who is a divine messenger in Germanic mythology. Other mythical motifs can be found on the reverse side of the medal - dragons and animal skulls symbolise the afterlife, while the six runes represent strength (Uruz), happiness (Wunjo), security (Algiz), wisdom (Ansuz), opportunity (Dagaz) and wealth (Fehu). Each rune has a colour that can be revelaed only by UV light.

The medal is placed in a stylish wooden frame.


Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
62.2 g
55 mm
Czech Mint