Wooden box for gold coins the Establishment of Czechoslovakia

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The journey to the independent Czechoslovak state, which was swept away from the harsh lines of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy 100 years ago, was long, thorny and lined with the endless efforts of patriots working at home and around the world. The fruit of their efforts is represented by five ducats from the ministry "The Birth of Czechoslovakia". Thoughtful gold excavations resemble the emergence of Czechoslovakia in the painting process, where the artist repaints the old painting and uses the original surface to create something completely new.

The first ducate gives tribute to the Washington Declaration - a declaration of the foreign resistance of 18 October 1918, which proclaimed the sovereign and independent Republic of Bohemia and the Slovaks.

The second ducate recalls the declaration of independence of Czechoslovakia on October 28, 1918, which was attended by Isidor Zahradník and Alois Jirásek under the memorial of Sacred Wenceslas.

The motive of third ducat is an act of Czechoslovakia, represented by the Act on the Establishment of an Independent State and by the calling of the National Committee under which the "Men of October 28" were signed.

The fourth ducat belongs to the Martin Declaration - a declaration of the Slovak nation, which the Slovaks on October 30, 1918 expressed their agreement with the creation of Czechoslovakia.

The fifth ducat is devoted to the return of TG Masaryk - the chief architect of the previous events - from exile back to his homeland on December 20, 1918.

You can save all five gold mintages in this wooden collector's etue, which is complemented by an appendix that introduces the novel "painting process" chosen by the author of the miniseries Jiří Hanuš, DiS.

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