Wooden case for 10 gold 5000 CZK coins Castles

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In 2016, the Czech National Bank has launched a new five-year cycle of its issuance plan. The ended series with the motive of bridges of the Czech Republic have replaced half-ounce gold coins with a nominal value of CZK 5000 dedicated to our exceptional castles. The CNB have chosen this topic because of the popularity, thanks to the varied representations of castles in all regions and also because of the attractiveness in terms of visual processing.

In the years 2016-2020 will be gradually introduced 10 architectural gems of fortress engineering: castles Kost, Bezděz Bouzov, Pernštejn, Zvíkov, Rabí, Veveří, Švihov, Bečov and Buchlov.

The specifications of 5000 CZK coins - Au 999.9 / 15.55 g / 28 mm - remained unchanged compared to the previous thematic cycle, but the mintages are stored in a different capsules. They provide even better protection against an accidental opening and a more reliable seal prevents the access of air to the precious metal.

To this change reacts the new collector's etue from the Czech Mint, which can accommodate all 10 issues. It is made of dark wood decorated with a golden engraving, depicting the ruins of the castle Bezděz, which became an inspiration for a number of romantic artists including Karel Hynek Mácha and Bedřich Smetana, accompanied by the inscription CASTLES.

The etue is provided with a hinges and a metal clip allowing a security of the lid in the closed position.

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