Wooden watch GROUND with gold coin Eagle 2022 - unisex

Wooden watch GROUND with gold coin Eagle 2022 - unisex

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Wooden watch with coin

While an ordinary watch is just a practical tool that measures time, an extraordinary watch is an elegant fashion accessory and a symbol of social status. Do you want to express your distinctive style? Do you want to show your surroundings that you are not a prey but a predator? Then here is the Orel 2022 watch for you, created in cooperation between the Czech Mint in Jablonec and the Wooden Land brand in Liberec.

As the brand name suggests, the luxury unisex watch is made of wood. The rich brown-red material comes from the plum tree, which not only provides delicious fruit, but also quality wood that goes well with leather accessories - for example, a belt or shoes. Each specimen that leaves the watchmakers' workshop is a handmade original with a unique texture that is accentuated by a combination of natural waxes.

Set into the sober dial is a 1/25 troy ounce gold Eagle bullion coin with a 2022 motif designed by medal maker MgA. Martin Dašek.

The Eagle watch will make sure you're not late, will show the world that you have refined style, and save your life in a crisis situation. Imagine, for example, that you lose all your money on holiday in an exotic country. In that case, it pays to keep an investment coin on hand at all times. You can easily cash in your gold anywhere in the world...

The issue limit is only 22 pieces of unisex watches. Each copy is also numbered.

Dimensions of the unisex watch: 41x52x10 mm

In our offer you can also find a men's version of this watch, which is particularly suitable for men due to its larger size.

Do not overlook the watch care principles.


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