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Earth is the most important thing in our lives, but humanity's interest in the heavens is unending. We have looked at the night sky since the beginning of the ages and asked where it all came from and what it all meant. Fortunately, it wasn't just about the questions. Curiosity is an important part of the human spirit, and our actions are driven by the desire to discover, overcome obstacles and to know.

Space exploration will answer the most fundamental questions. Though it has taken thousands of years, we finally found out what the stars and planets are, we understood our place among them, and we could at least touch them. The universe represents everything. The solar system is just a tiny part of it. However, it is our home and the Czech Mint has decided to tell its story.

An epic collector's album full of pictures and information about celestial bodies and conquerors of space will hold a total of a dozen coins. Ten silver coins embellished with color are issued in the Solar System cycle. The other two silver coins are published separately to commemorate the anniversaries of major events:

  • Sun (2019)
  • Mercury (2020)
  • Venus (2020)
  • Earth (2019)
  • First Person in Space - 60th Anniversary (2021)
  • Month (2019)
  • First People on the Moon - 50th Anniversary (2019)
  • Mars (2020)
  • Jupiter (2020)
  • Saturn (2021)
  • Uranus (2021)
  • Neptune (2021)
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April 2019
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