Collector's box for 7 blisterpacks - History of Czech Coins

Collector's box for 7 blisterpacks - History of Czech Coins

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November 2018
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The extraordinary numismatic project called "History of coining", which presents the key milestones of coining in our country in a popular scientific form, was made by a number of experts:

  • The replicas of the period coins are prepared by a team of the Czech Mint led by the academic sculptor Jan Lukáš, who has been regarded an expert on replicas of historic mintages since 1997.
  • The playful pop-up books in which the replicas are stored are made by popular writer and illustrator Lucie Seifertová, who tells interesting stories of old coins and their users with joy and exaggeration.
  • Expert lecturers of the Czech numismatic society Michal Mašek and Tomáš Smělý are taking care of the fact rightness.

The seven-part collector´s cycle will gradually introduce:

  • the iris of the mysterious Celts
  • the denarius in the cruel Middle Ages
  • the Prague groshen from the rich kingdom
  • the florin - the first Czech gold coin
  • the taler - silver coin that conquered America
  • red cent in the battle of Maria Theresa
  • the crown of the old monarchy in the confusion of modern times

A complete collection that attracts both small and large numismatics attention can be stored in this practical collector's box.


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