Collector´s case for 4 silver coins of Geniuses of the 19th century

Collector´s case for 4 silver coins of Geniuses of the 19th century

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January 2020
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The nineteenth century was not only a century of steam, but also eccentric and brilliant inventors. Today's advanced technology, without which we cannot imagine our comfortable lives, was found thanks to them. Geniuses of the nineteenth-century, who invented groundbreaking novelties in their loneliness of their offices, workshops and laboratories, pushed the boundaries of the human race and changed the future of generations for the better. Each of these pioneers was a peculiar personality with its own goals, but they had one thing in common - their success was the result of a steady, stubborn effort…

The Czech Mint thanks for their work by issuance of a four-part mini-series of silver coins which present:

  • Thomas Alva Edison
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Alfred Bernhard Nobel
  • Alexander Graham Bell

You can store the complete coin collection with the inventors in this tin collector´s etui. Its lid is decorated with a thematic illustration that presents a light bulb surrounded by a gearwheel and a decorative ornament. An enclosure with portraits and signatures of individual giants builds an integral part of the box.


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