Collector´s case for three gold medals "Semafor"

Collector´s case for three gold medals "Semafor"

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September 2021
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Jiří Suchý celebrates his incredible 90th birthday in 2021. A three-part miniseries of gold medals is dedicated not only to him, but also to his two most famous theater partners to this occasion:

  • Jiří Suchý and Jiří Šlitr - The inseparable creative duo S + Š went down in history by founding the legendary Semafor Theater. Their original performance combined musical comedy, poetry, jazz, film, fine arts, dance and puppets. Unfortunately, the golden era of Semafor was ended by the untimely death of Jiří Šlitr.
  • Jiří Suchý and Jitka Molavcová - When one of the Semafor "girls" who worked as a chansonnier in the theater began to show an unusual combination of subtle personal charm and unusual comic talent, Jiří Suchý knew that he had found a new soul mate. Their artistic and personal harmony has lasted for fifty years.
  • Jiří Suchý - Few people realize how far Jiří Suchý has influenced the Czech culture. During his rich and often hectic life, he became an actor, singer, writer, poet, director, librettist, composer, lyricist, graphic artist, scenographer, costume designer, principal of theater - and this is not all.

You can store your collection of gold Semafor medals in this luxurious wooden box, the lid of which is decorated with the engraved logo of the Semafor Theater.

Note: The collector's box does not include a certificate of authenticity - it is supplied with each medal separately.


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