1. FAQ


Why can I order just a limited number of pieces?

We have restricted the number of pieces of an item ordered by one person to five in order to ensure that coins and medals are available for all our customers. Should you wish to order a larger quantity of a specific item, please contact our Sales department at our customer phone number +420 483 513 513 or email mince@mint.cz.

Will I have to pay postage and handling several times if some of the ordered items are not in stock??

If some of the ordered items are not in stock, the goods that is available will not be sent in the usual delivery time, i.e. within three working days. The shipment will be delayed and dispatched as soon as all the remaining items are issued. In such case the delivery time will be extended but at the most to three weeks.

If you wish to receive items that are available as soon as possible, please make a note about it in the order form, or call customer line +420 483 513 513 or write us an e-mail at the e- mail address mince@mint.cz. We will gladly deliver the goods separately but postage will be charged for each consignment.

Why should I register?

Registration has its benefits. You can check your past purchases. You will get an opportunity to take part in the numismatic discussion forum. You can reserve medals that were not yet struck in line with the plan of issue and avoid situation that an item you want is sold out.

Do I have to register when I want to buy something from Czech Mint?

You can make the purchase without being a registered customer. We, however, recommend the registration if you wish to have access to a wider range of services. These include for example the option to reserve products before they are issued, to have access to the summary and to details of your orders and reservations. The biggest benefit of a registration is the possibility to participate in the Loyalty Program, collect ducats (bonus points) for purchases and use them to pay for next purchases.
When you register your details are saved for faster checkout next time (you do not have to enter your address and contact information all over again).

My favourites

If you like a product in our e-shop, click on "Add to favourites". This will automatically include the product in the list of items you like and you can continue browsing the e-shop.

You can keep track of items included in the list anytime later by clicking on “My favourites“ in the right upper corner of the page or on “My account“ and then on Favourite items in the menu. Items you like can be added to the list of favourites anytime, and they can also be easily removed. After you finish browsing, you can open the list of favourites and put the selected items in the shopping cart, or reserve them, from the list.

Once the selected items were placed in the cart, the shopping procedure continues in the standard way.
Placing an item among favourites may be useful for example when you are not sure whether to buy or not, and would first like to consult a specialist, or if you wish to postpone the purchase. Afterwards you can quickly get back to the specific item and order it.

Are prices of goods in your e-shop the same as in your stores?

Yes! Prices in all our stores are the same as in our e-shop.