Gold quarter-ounce medal Quatrefoil for luck proof

Gold quarter-ounce medal Quatrefoil for luck proof

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May 2014
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Product description

Use of symbols for luck is as old as humankind itself. We usually turn to a higher power if we long for love, health, money or good work. And various talismans serve as mediators. A four-leaf has allegedly born its magical power from the moment when Eve brought it with her after being driven out from Paradise to Earth. For thousands of years the belief in its influence has passed from one generation to another.

This year, Czech Mint gave this miraculous symbol of luck a splendid form of a gold quarter-ounce medal. The strength of the symbol was elevated to collector level, which is underlined by the fineness of gold, as well as by its artistic rendition mastered by successful creative artist Zuzana Hubená. Thanks to its motif, gold quarter-ounce medal Four-leaf for Luck is predestined as a special gift to special life anniversaries, or as a talisman able to express your support to someone in a difficult life situation, and as a manifestation of your affection. It does not only bring luck and money, but it also prevents from misfortune. You surely know someone who might need a bit of luck. Support him or her with the gold Four-leaf for Luck. Maybe, one day he will pay the score…

A chimney-sweep, a piglet, an elephant, a horseshoe – symbols that are expected to bring to our life happiness and success. However, nothing apparently surpasses the positive strength of a four-leaf. It does more than attract luck, it also fulfils secret wishes. On top of that each leaf has a special meaning. The first one expresses faith, the second hope, the third love and the fourth foil the desirable luck. In the Irish tradition the trefoil is considered to be a sign of the Holy Trinity – The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit – and, finding a four-leaf allegedly means God’s grace. According to another possible interpretation four leaves symbolize four elements – fire, water, earth and air and bring also love and money and protect against evil and evil spell. Single women also place a four-leaf under their pillow so that they could see their future groom in a dream. To protect your house against evil forces and yourself from illness, you should – according to a medieval superstition – place a four-leaf at the door, windows and on the bed.

No matter how you interpret the four-leaf symbolism, the gold quarter-ounce medal Four-leaf for Luck is sure to bring enormous joy to everyone to whom you donate it.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Bc. Zuzana Hubená, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Bc. Zuzana Hubená, DiS.
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
7.78 g
22 mm
Gold paper case or Black leather case with special wrapper
Czech Mint