HARRY POTTER™ Magical Creatures – Buckbeak 1oz silver coin

HARRY POTTER™ Magical Creatures – Buckbeak 1oz silver coin

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July 2023
2000 pcs

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Product description

The second silver coin featuring the magical creatures of the Harry Potter world presents the hippogryph Klofan.

The hippogryph´s body combines the features of an eagle together with a horse - it has an eagle's head, neck, wings and talons and a horse's torso, hind legs and tail. His character reflects both animals - he is clever and strong, which allows him to rule over heaven and earth. It is a carnivore, and if not tamed, is a deadly danger to human. The breeding of hippogryphs is only done by expert wizards who know how to handle them. They are very proud creatures and easily offended and angered. To win them over, the keeper must show them respect, therefore, he needs to bow to them, let them make the first move, and look them in the eye. But once the wizard and the hippogryph bond, a friendship for life and death is born. Harry Potter found out, and he gained the trust of a Hogwarts hippogryph named Klofan…

The reverse side of this unusual rectangular coin presents the flying hippogryph Klofan. The embossed creature is supplemented with coloured clouds. The decorative portal, which lines the perimeter of the coin, is decorated with purple rhinestones. The obverse side was dedicated to the necessary elements of the issuer, which is the island of Niue - i.e. the national emblem, the nominal value of TWO DOLLARS (NZD) and the year of issue 2023. The coin was minted with official film licence by the New Zealand Mint team.

An elegant etui is an integral part of the issue.


Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
53 x 36 mm
Cardboard case
Czech Mint