Platinum one-ounce coin Jizerské Mountain beechwoods proof

Platinum one-ounce coin Jizerské Mountain beechwoods proof

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August 2023
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Czech UNESCO Heritage

The sixteenth issue of the collector-investment series of platinum coins, which pays tribute to the beauties inscribed on the UNESCO list, is dedicated to the first Czech natural monument - the Jizera Mountains beechwoods. These forests share the registration with the original beech forests of seventeen other European countries.

The Jizera Mountains beech forests represent the most valuable part of the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area. The dominant tree, which grows on steep slopes with unique geomorphology, is of course beech, but cranes, lime, oak, fir and spruce also thrive in the mixed forests. The preserved forest undergrowth is free from human intervention, which began to penetrate the area only in the 14th century. A large part of the 27-square-kilometre area on the northern slopes of the mountains, from Oldřichov v Hájích to Lázně Libverda, is not managed artificially.

The reverse side of the coin from the studio of Lenka Nebeská, DiS., is dominated by a rocky slope covered with beech trees. A beech branch completes the composition. The perimeter of the reverse is surrounded by a pearl decoration with the inscription JIZERSKOHORSKÉ BUČINY. The obverse side of the coin, which is common to the entire platinum series, bears a collage of architectural elements from various Czech buildings inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. As the coins of the Czech Mint are issued under the licence of a foreign issuer, which is the island of Niue, the obverse side bears its necessary elements - the nominal value of 50 DOLLARS (NZD), the name and portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and the year of issue 2022.

A special certificate of authenticity is an integral part of the coin, which is issued in a mintage of only 100 pieces.

At the time the platinum series began to be issued, twelve tangible monuments were listed by UNESCO. This prestigious list will be expanded to include four more Czech sites in 2019 and 2021. These also appear on the coins, but unfortunately they do not fit into the wooden collector's case that was created in 2017.


Collectors set
Nominal value
50 NZD
Author of the obverse
Lenka Nebeská, DiS.
Author of the reverse
Lenka Nebeská, DiS.
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
31.1 g
37 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint