Set of two thalers Royal couples - Vladislav II. a Judita Durynská proof

Set of two thalers Royal couples - Vladislav II. a Judita Durynská proof

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February 2020
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Royal couples

The Czech Mint dedicated the third set of two silver thalers to Vladislaus II. and Judith of Thuringia. The set belongs to the cycle entitled the Royal couples, which pays tribute to important historical couples.

Vladislaus II
. was the Přemyslid prince, who brought the Czech land fame in Europe. He was an experienced warrior. He earned the royal crown when he offered help to the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire to fight the northern Italian cities in the lead of which was Milan, which was conquered by him later. Vladislav became only the second Czech king in history, although this title was not hereditary. His son Ottokar I. was the first Czech king, who managed to secure the royal title for his descendants. Judith of Thuringia was mother of Ottokar I. and second wife of Vladislaus. Chronicler Vincentius describes the queen as "a lady of exquisite beauty, an extraordinary and almost masculine spirit, a bold and enterprising mind, a lover of doctrine and literature, educated in Latin and political matters." Judith learned Czech, did not hesitate to represent her husband in state affairs and became the founder of a number of important buildings.

“The King's reverse side focuses on
getting the royal crown from the hands of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The fact that it was a political act representing a reward for a loyal ally is expressed by the placement of the main characters in the background and the absence of courtiers represented by only a pair of knights. The place of coronation is reminiscent of the Regensburg coat of arms. The Queen's reverse side then emphasizes her remarkable founding activities which were more reserved for men in the Middle Ages. It is the first stone bridge in Prague and the Benedictine monastery in Teplice. It was probably very important for Judith and it is assumed that she was buried there, ” the academic sculptor Michal Vitanovský explains. “The common obverse side with the faces of Vladislaus II. and Judith of Thuringia does not rely on their historical depictions, because they have not been preserved. The types of faces, therefore, depict the characters of the couple, namely Vladislaus's militancy and Judith's sophistication. At least one authentic detail is available in the case of the king. He was beardless, which is evidenced by his denarius, ” the author of the silver thaler adds. The royal couple is further identified by coats of arms - the Thuringian lion and the Premyslid eagle.

The pair of commemorative medals was placed in an elegant
wooden box whose lid is decorated with the personalities of the king and queen symbolized by chess pieces. Moreover, it contains an illustrated certificate of authenticity with accompanying word of the author.


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Czech mint
Author of the obverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
Author of the reverse
ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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999 / 1000
58 g
40 mm
Light wooden case
Czech Mint