Silver coin 200 Kč 2023 Appointment of Josef Karel Matocha as archbishop of Olomouc proof

Silver coin 200 Kč 2023 Appointment of Josef Karel Matocha as archbishop of Olomouc proof

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The silver coin of the Czech National Bank with a nominal value of 200 CZK, which boasts top-quality proof, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the appointment of Josef Karel Matocha as Archbishop of Olomouc.

After Josef Matocha was appointed Archbishop of Olomouc, he confided to the faithful: "The Lord called me to a difficult and responsible office at a critical time. I accept the consecration to the sacrifice of my life." This was in 1948 when only a short time had passed since the Communist Party seized power in Czechoslovakia. Although the regime, which sought the destruction of the Church and all religion, constantly narrowed his room for manoeuvre, the Archbishop held his office with honour. However, the totalitarian authorities decided to launch a direct attack in 1950. Without any trial, Josef Matocha was illegally isolated in the archbishop's palace, which became his prison. He was constantly persecuted by State Security officers, who did not allow him to make telephone calls, listen to the radio, or read newspapers, books or letters. Visits were forbidden - he was not allowed a barber, and when he refused to cooperate, he was not even allowed a confessor as punishment. He breathed fresh air only when the StB allowed him to go into the garden, from where he then blessed the Olomouc residents. The regime wanted to break the archbishop - to force him to cooperate or resign - but failed. Josef Matocha remained a faithful servant of the truth until 1961, when he died after eleven years of imprisonment due to inadequate medical care…

 The design of the medal maker Mgr. Marie Šeborová won the art competition of the Czech National Bank. The reverse side belongs to a faithful portrait of Josef Matocha, supplemented with the emblem of the Archbishopric of Olomouc. The obverse side presents an imaginative composition dominated by the symbols of martyrdom in the form of a cross and a crown of thorns.

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Czech national bank
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925 / 1000
13 g
31 mm
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