Silver medal Famous brides - Anna Přemyslovna stand

Silver medal Famous brides - Anna Přemyslovna stand

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Famous brides

The five-part series of the Czech Mint entitled Famous Brides tells the story of noble Czech women who were married off to foreign countries. Anna Přemyslovna appears as the third on silver medals embellished with patina.

Anna Přemyslovna, sister of the last Přemyslid king
Wenceslaus III, became a valuable figure on the political chessboard after the violent death of her brother. Anna's husband - Duke Henry of Carinthia - became the new Czech ruler thanks to her noble blood. However, this was not to the liking of the other contenders for the throne, and a several-year power struggle ensued, which Henry eventually lost. Anne, who had shared the good and the bad with her husband according to her wedding vows, had to leave Bohemia and bitterly left the role of the real queen to her sister Elizabeth of Bohemia - the wife of the victorious John of Luxembourg. She then stayed in the Tyrolean town of Hall with Henry, who continued to allow himself to be titled King of Bohemia, and in addition to the empty title of Queen of Bohemia, she had the real position of Duchess of Carinthia. She bore her separation from home with difficulty and died childless at the age of only twenty-two.

"The left profile of the plain-haired Anne
on the obverse side of the medal is not based on any surviving historical portrait. The facial expression builds on the life path of the Premyslovna, which led from initial youthful illusions to a harsh collision with adverse reality. On the right, the head is supplemented with a gate with a drawn trapdoor and a crown thrown askew, symbolizing the loss of the Bohemian throne," says the author of the medal and history buff, ac. sculptor Michal Vitanovský. The inscription on the obverse side bears the name and the years of the Queen's life: ANNA PŘEMYSLOVNA, 1290–1313. The reverse side of the medal presents a linear figure of King Henry of Carinthia and a medieval veduta of Prague, above which is the city's coat of arms. In addition to the name of the city, the inscription on the reverse side also includes the name of the king and the year of his marriage: PRAHA 1306, JINDŘICH KORUTANSKÝ.

The medal includes a
special appendix which, in the words of Michal Vitanovský, will introduce Anna's life and the individual details of the medal's relief.


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ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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ak. soch. Michal Vitanovský
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