Gold coin 5000 Kč 2023 Hradec Králové stand

Gold coin 5000 Kč 2023 Hradec Králové stand

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September 2023

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The sixth gold coin in the Czech National Bank's five-year cycle dedicated to the Czech Republic's urban conservation areas features the beauty of Hradec Králové. The mintage with a nominal value of 5,000 CZK is minted in quality standard.

The ancient seat of Hradec Králové, which lies in northern Bohemia, has been claimed by many throughout history - during the Hussite Wars, the town stood by Jan Žižka's side, during the Thirty Years' War it was decimated by the Swedes, and during the Prusso-Austrian War it became the site of a decisive battle that affected the whole Europe. No wonder. The area of the confluence of the Elbe and Orlice rivers with numerous tributaries, between which the hill grows, was located on an important trade route connecting the Baltic Sea with southern Europe and has attracted settlement since ever. Slavic settlement was established here already at the end of the 9th century, it became home to the Slavs in the 10th century and the Přemyslids took up residence here in the 13th century. The historical housebuilding that emerged in the Middle Ages continued to develop until the mid-18th century, when this smooth process was violently interrupted. The town was transformed into a baroque bastion fortress to which the entire suburb had to give way. Irreplaceable cultural losses occurred in the form of dwelling houses, churches, monasteries and hospitals. Fortunately, some landmarks were spared - for example, the Gothic cathedral church of the Holy Spirit, the Renaissance White Tower or the Baroque chapel of St. Clement attributed to the architect Santini... When the fortress became obsolete and disappeared, Hradec Králové was transformed into a modern settlement that became a textbook of architecture and the "Salon of the Republic". The historic centre of Hradec Králové was rightly declared a city conservation area in 1962.

The author of the coin is the medal maker Veronika Prokopová, DiS. The expert committee of the Czech National Bank appreciated especially the obverse side - "a beautiful representation of the interior of the Bono Publico staircase, which incorporates heraldic animals". The Empire monument is also depicted on the reverse side of the coin, where it is supplemented with the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, the Old Town Hall, the White Tower, the Marian Column and the U Špuláků House.

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Czech national bank
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999,9 / 1000
15.55 g
28 mm
Red plastic case with CNB logo
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