Gold coin 5000 Kč Mikulov stand

Gold coin 5000 Kč Mikulov stand

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March 2022

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The five-year cycle of the Czech National Bank, which is dedicated to the urban conservation areas of the Czech Republic, presents its third issue. The gold coin with a nominal value of 5,000 CZK minted in quality standard commemorates the beauty of Mikulov.

Mikulov in South Moravia
, which was declared an urban conservation area in 1982, is an exceptionally valuable and extensive collection of historical buildings. The valley, surrounded by vineyards and white limestone hills, is flanked by three landmarks - Zámecký vrch with the Baroque castle, Kozí vrch with the Gothic defensive tower and the Svatý kopeček Hill with the Baroque Chapel of St. Sebastian. Mikulov Square and the streets are lined with two-storey townhouses with decorated facades, and several buildings of the Jewish quarter have also been preserved. The appearance of the town, which suffered from frequent fires, was most influenced by Franz Seraph von Dietrichstein, a prince, cardinal and bishop of Olomouc, who systematically transformed Mikulov in terms of construction, economy and culture in the 17th century. Thanks to him, the provincial town turned into a temporary centre of Moravia and acquired an Italian Renaissance architecture.

The academic sculptor Zbyněk Fojt
ů won the art competition of the Czech National Bank. On the reverse side of the coin he placed an elaborated collage of the dominant features of Mikulov Square,  including the Dietrichstein Tomb, the Upper Synagogue and the distinctive sgraffito burgher house “U rytířů“ with its corner quadrilateral bay window. The obverse side presents Mikulov Castle and the statue of Pomona, which is part of the medieval fountain in the square.

You can store your collection of gold coins from the ten-piece cycle of the Czech National Bank in a wooden
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Czech national bank
Nominal value
Numbered issue
999,9 / 1000
15.55 g
28 mm
Red plastic case with CNB logo
Czech Mint