Silver coin 200 Kč 2023 Start of regular broadcasting by Czechoslovak Radio proof

Silver coin 200 Kč 2023 Start of regular broadcasting by Czechoslovak Radio proof

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May 2023
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The silver coin of the Czech National Bank with a nominal value of 200 CZK, which boasts top-quality proof, is being issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the start of the regular broadcasting of Czechoslovak Radio.

"Hello, hello. This is radio station O. K. P. Kbely near Prague, the provisional transmitting station of the Radiojournal, which broadcasts news and programme on the wave of 1025 metres," the technician Vlach, whose first name has been forgotten by history, proclaimed into the ether. It was May 18, 1923, 20 hours and 15 minutes, when Czechoslovakia became only the second European country after Great Britain to launch regular radio broadcasting. The premiere programme lasted about an hour and consisted of several musical performances. As the presenter outlined, the conditions were indeed temporary - the performers were broadcasting from a scout tent built near the transmitter in Kbely, which was battered by a severe storm. Their listeners had much better conditions. They gathered around a single receiver, which was located in the Sanssouci cinema in Prague. As the purchase of a radio receiver was initially very expensive, people continued to listen collectively in the following years - meeting within families, but also in public, for example in schools. However, radio communication developed rapidly. The Radiojournal's programme was enriched by various genres - from sports reports, educational programmes to cabaret - and a million Czechoslovaks owned a radio set by 1930. This was a unique number in Europe…

In the art competition of the Czech National Bank, the design by Mgr. Marie Šeborová. The expert committee appreciated especially the composition of the obverse side, which consists of a radio microphone and transmitting masts. The reverse side presents a historical tent and the logo of Czechoslovak Radio.

All Czech coins - both commemorative and circulation - are minted by the Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou.


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