Silver medal Mandala Change proof

Silver medal Mandala Change proof

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September 2022

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Product description

The eighth silver medal of the Czech Mint from the gift series for every occasion bears a mandala with the motif of change.

The word mandala comes from ancient Indian Sanskrit and can be translated simply as a circle. However, its meaning is not so simple - it represents
infinity, perfection, balance, unity, ... Mandalas take the form of a circular pattern with a centre from which - or to which - symmetrically arranged shapes point. In addition to the shapes that symbolize masculine energy, mandalas also contain colors that represent feminine energy. Colours must therefore not be absent from the silver medals. The power of each mandala is hidden in its centre, where everything begins and ends, and so a glass stone is set in the centre of the medal. Although people associate mandalas primarily with the civilizations of South Asia, variations of them can be found across time, cultures, and religious and philosophical systems - just look at the windows of European cathedrals or the dream catchers of American Indians. They are a tool for relaxation, meditation and self-knowledge, but also for problem solving or wish fulfillment. Since the biggest problem for many people is change, it became the motif of the eighth gift mandala of the Czech Mint.

Whether we want to or not, everything around us is changing, transforming and evolving. Even we cannot escape this unstoppable process. Some changes are fast and noticeable, others slow and subtle, but all are inevitable. Although change is a natural part of all existence, we sometimes tend to resist it - to hold fast to routines and perceived certainties. Such behaviour, however, hinders our development and, with it, delays our success. Those who do not adapt will not achieve their goals. Those who do not accept change cannot achieve their dreams...

The obverse side of the medal, designed by the young medal maker
Kristýna Šánová, bears a glass centre surrounded by a black and white ornament that expresses change as a chain of causes and consequences. The reverse side of the medal, which is embossed, is common to a number of mandalas of the Czech Mint.

The gift medal is an
original talisman. Other mandalas in the Czech Mint's offer bear themes of love, friendship, health, wealth, courage, freedom and trust.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Kristýna Šánová
Author of the reverse
Kristýna Šánová
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
16 g
34 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint