Silver medal Mandala Courage proof

Silver medal Mandala Courage proof

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May 2021

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Product description

The fifth silver medal of the Czech Mint from the gift cycle bears a mandala with a motif of courage for every occasion.

The word mandala comes from ancient Indian Sanskrit and can be translated simply as a
circle. But its meaning is not so simple - it represents infinity, perfection, balance, unity,… Mandalas have the form of a circular shape with a center, from which - or into which - symmetrically arranged shapes point. In addition to shapes that symbolize masculine energy, mandalas also contain colors that represent feminine energy. Therefore, silver medals must not miss colors. The power of each mandala is hidden in its center, where everything begins and ends, so a glass stone is set in the middle of the medal. Although people associate mandalas primarily with the civilizations of South Asia, their variations occur across time, cultures, and religious and philosophical systems - just look at the windows of European cathedrals or the dream catchers of the American Indians. They are a tool for relaxation, meditation and self-knowledge, but also for solving problems or fulfilling desires. Because many people wish to have the courage, it has become the motif of the Czech Mint's fifth gift mandala.

Courage, bravery, boldness, courage, fearlessness, heroism. Each of these virtues has a different meaning, but they express the same thing. Mark Twain said: "Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act despite fear." When we say “courage“, we often imagine war heroes, police or firefighters who risk their lives every day. In fact, however, we all need courage. Without courage, you cannot get out of the comfort zone and follow your dreams, help where it is needed, or speak in a situation where you cannot remain silent.

The obverse side of the medal, processed by the young medal maker
Kristýna Šánová, bears a colored ornament – similar to a view of a kaleidoscope - with a glass center. The color of the mandala of courage is purple, which breaks down barriers, impulsively encourages action and helps to achieve personal goals. The reverse side of the medal, which is embossed, is common to a number of mandalas of the Czech Mint.

The gift medal represents an
original talisman. Other mandalas, which you will find in the offer of the Czech Mint, bear motifs of love, friendship, health and wealth.


Czech mint
Author of the obverse
Kristýna Šánová
Author of the reverse
Kristýna Šánová
Numbered issue
999 / 1000
16 g
34 mm
Black leather case
Czech Mint