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The plant is equipped with modern Gräbener presses

The Czech Mint continues in the long-term tradition of minting on the territory of the Czech lands. The plant was founded after the split of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic into two independent states in 1993. Before that, the circulation coins for Czechoslovakia were struck in Kremnica, Slovakia.

Since its establishment, the Czech Mint has been the exclusive supplier of circulation and commemorative coins for the needs of the Czech Republic’s central bank. In addition to this it has developed its own production of medals, historical coins, tokens and pendants. The plant is equipped with modern Gräbener presses for the mintage of circulation coins, as well as commemorative coins and medals made of precious and common metals. The mint is completely self sufficient with respect to the manufacture of master dies and tools. Blanks for the circulation coins and commemorative mintage are purchased abroad from reputable attested producers because local production does not exist.