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Due to the nature of its product range Czech Mint has long-standing good relations with certain state institutions, public schools and organizations.

Na Příkopě 28
115 03 Prague 1
Czech Republic
tel.: 224 411 111
fax: 224 412 404


Czech National Bank

The Czech National Bank, or CNB, is the central bank of the Czech Republic seated in Prague, and the authority performing supervision of the financial market. It was established by the Constitution of the Czech Republic and its activities are governed by Act No. 6/1993 Coll., on the Czech National Bank and other legal regulations.

In compliance with its main objective, CNB sets the monetary policy, issues banknotes and coins, manages the circulation of currency, the payment system and financial settlement between banks. The central bank also performs supervision of the capital market, the banking sector, the insurance industry, pension funds, cooperative savings houses and electronic money institutions, as well as foreign exchange supervision.

Czech Mint closely cooperates with the central bank in the area of circulation and commemorative coins issue for the Czech Republic.


Examples of hallmarks
Assay Ofice
(Puncovní úřad Praha
Kozí 4
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Entry & issue: 225 982 271
Auto exchange: 225 982 111

Assay Office

Czech Assay Office (in Czech Puncovní úřad) performs the state control in the field of hallmarking and precious metal testing. It was established by the Czech National Council Act No. 19/1993 Sb., on the Bodies of the Czech Republic’s Administration Authorities in the Field of Hallmarking and Precious Metal Testing, which stipulates competences and duties of the Assay Office. The hallmarking business is regulated by Act No. 539/1992 Coll., on Hallmarking and Precious Metal Testing (the Hallmarking Act) and the implementing decree of the Federal Ministry of Economy (FME), No. 540/1992 Coll., according to which the Hallmarking Act is implemented.

The tasks of the Assay Office include performance of the hallmarking control and related activities, the hallmarking inspection at manufacturers and retailers trading in precious metal articles and imposing sanctions where deficiencies were found, as well as testing or in other way determining the fineness of the precious metal articles or other items made of precious metals.
Czech Mint has the right to place on its products made of precious metals hallmarks which prove the composition and fineness of precious metals. On the basis of a longterm cooperation Czech Mint is entitled to place hallmarks in the master dies for coins and medals struck from precious metals: gold, silver and platinum

Czech Numismatic Society
Arménská 1372/10
110 00 Prague 10
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 271 730 775

Czech Numismatic Society

The Czech Numismatic Society (CNS) has recently marked the 90th anniversary of its foundation. Its long history began on 7 March 1919. For almost one hundred years the society has promoted numismatic research and learning at a professional level, has influenced the collection of and minting of coins and medals in the Czech Republic.

The CNS Head Office and other more than 40 branches throughout the Czech Republic have been involved in publication activities, lectures, auctions, as well as in its own coin and medal mintage.

The CNS is a member of the International Numismatic Commission, takes part in Numismatists Congresses in Brussels and Berlin, international symposiums and exhibitions. The Society coordinates activities of branches and numismatic amateur clubs, and in this area it cooperates with the National Museum in Prague and with museums in regional towns. Every four years, the CNS organizes conferences. Its regular activities include publication of coin and medal mintage for collectors, numismatists and other individuals interested in this field.

Since its foundation, Czech Mint has actively cooperated with more than 30 CNS branches from the entire country. CNS members are its faithful and esteemed clients. Apart from business relations, Czech Mint also appreciates and respects high professional level and knowledge of CNS members that provides potential for further possible cooperation.

Secondary School and college of Art and Design in Jablonec

Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola a Vyšší odborná škola
Horní náměstí 1
46601 Jablonec nad Nisou
Czech Republic

Tel.: 483 312 805

Secondary School and College of Art and Design in Jablonec

The foundation of a school of drawing, modelling (moulding) and goffering in 1880 by a Decree of the then Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Schooling was initiated by the town of Jablonec nad Nisou, the glass jewellery industry and exporters of the glass jewellery in response to the strong glass industry in this area and dynamic development of glass jewellery production and trade. New fields of study and apprenticeship were gradually added, such as metal engraving, girdling, decorating, brass products making, as well as book making and illustrating, wall painting and graphic specialisations, and the school transformed into a comprehensive educational institution. It could provide professional education not only to glass-makers, glass jewellery designers and manufacturers, but it also met the demands for various other arts and crafts.

The school educated a long line of significant personalities and excellent specialists and designers for the jewellery industry. After the establishment of Czech Mint in Jablonec nad Nisou a need has arisen to found at the Secondary School a specialisation focusing on the creation of coins and medals. Since 1995, coin and medal mintage has been taught at the school. A year later, the school has transformed this specialisation into Higher Vocational School.

Quite a few specialists who are now working in Czech Mint graduated from the Secondary School of Art and Design in Jablonec. Lecturers at this school, recognized artists and medal designers, also take part in the creation of medals and coins struck in Czech Mint.